Open-Minded Are you Open-Minded?   "Good morning,  Ma'am Sir! how was your day? may I ask you a simple question,  How open-minded are you? Do you want to join and earn a lot? Contact us A.S.A.P."   Maybe you're wondering, what the hell am I talking about, but if you were in the Philippines I'm [...]

Fifteen: Designed For You

Designed for You   "I was designed to design"   Quite odd, isn't it? but this phrase explains how I was designed to pursue my dream and aspirations in designing and creating ideas to build structures. It was never a coincidence in a glazing time, it was destined to happen. I was unsure about what [...]

Eight: For Posterity

For Posterity Preserved Treasures I would like to share my own photos of several places where I've been to, Some of it was perfectly preserved because of its heritage. Check it out guys! Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene Quezon Blvd, Manila, Metro Manila PS: You can't take pictures inside this church    Minor [...]