Open-Minded Are you Open-Minded?   "Good morning,  Ma'am Sir! how was your day? may I ask you a simple question,  How open-minded are you? Do you want to join and earn a lot? Contact us A.S.A.P."   Maybe you're wondering, what the hell am I talking about, but if you were in the Philippines I'm [...]

Fifteen: Designed For You

Designed for You   "I was designed to design"   Quite odd, isn't it? but this phrase explains how I was designed to pursue my dream and aspirations in designing and creating ideas to build structures. It was never a coincidence in a glazing time, it was destined to happen. I was unsure about what [...]

Twelve: Connection

Connection   What connection feels like?   Here we go again, releasing my anxiety and writing my heart out Piece by piece trying to fix these fragmented sentences Creating a sensible statement that a simple human being can appreciate Murmuring the deepest thoughts I have Jotting down shotgun words from my loud mind Contemplating and creating scenes [...]