Hi people! thanks for dropping by!

I would like to warn you about this random and bizarre blog of mine, a mixture of rants, daily discoveries, advice and everything that I can possibly write and share with you guys. Anyway, this page is for you to know the person behind this blog. I’ve been writing since I was 16 and I love reading fiction books. (Potterhead) I have romantic-fiction books at home, a lot and suddenly I turn out to be a hopeless romantic bitch fella. I’m an architecture student, hoping to be a licensed architect and to be able to settle in Manchester England (I’m so fascinated about that place, I can’t explain why). I have goals but not squad goals nor relationship goals. Introvert since birth. Only child. I’ve been through a lot. I have no best friend, but I do have good friends. I hate to label relationships it makes things complicated. I hate people who underestimate me, my friends and my works.

I’m afraid of commitments. but I want to have one.

I’m not scared of being alone. I like it a lot.

INTJ-Type 9

Well then, check my blog posts everyone 🙂  ENJOY



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