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Hi guys! Time flies so fast imagine my last Life Recently post was last December and many things happened since then. Classes will start next month that’s why I need to do this just to freshen up things. The past few weeks were miserable, emotional breakdowns, unexpected begging scenarios, losing weight and appetite, letting go and so much more, but one thing that I learned from it was to be strong and never let anyone bring you down. It may hurt you now, but you’ll get over it. One day. Anyway! Let’s do this I’ve got so much to share 🙂





A lot of things happened since my last blog and I gained so much memories from that. Last May 2-6 was our South Korea trip and I had so much fun and it was in fact surreal to be honest, as I told you last December I am not KPOP fan now but you know what? When I was there the HighSchool girl inside me was reincarnated and bought Kpop items lol. It was mesmerizing, like it was a dream come true. SOBRANG SURYAL. So here are some photos from my SoKor Trip



The tour was so smooth and fun. Best moment of my SoKor trip was visiting a mall in Insadong I was like dreaming that time and I took almost fifty photos of the building lol, and also the Nami Island trip which in fact that exact moment I’m sufferin because of tummy issues but I survived because of the ginseng tea! hundred percent effective folks! I guess the best time to travel in SoKor is during the last week of February and middle of May, not that cold but nice weather to go around and visit places. To know more about the itinerary just comment below and I’ll be sending it through email 🙂

If you want smooth traveling experience check out the travel agency that our batch chose for our South Korea Trip check out below

Alexa Travel and Tours






After a year of waiting, I was able to watch SLEEPLESS and I can say that it’s worth the wait, some people may say that it wasn’t but for me the gist is there the plot twist is there and I NEED SLEEPLESS Part 2 please thank you. I’ve been fangirling Glaiza since the TRMD days and still can’t get over her. I am not a fan of too much mainstream movies and a big fan of indie films. The next movie that I recommend you to watch is Pamilya Ordinaryo which in fact is very timely to our beloved country and countrymen especially the marginalized sector of the Philippines. It was situational, natural and realistic. The actors were great! Most especially “Aries and Jane Ordinaryo” just a fact, they actually won awards in this film. If you want to spend 100 or so to watch quality films go ahead and watch Pamilya Ordinaryo, and last night I watched Kita Kita starring Empoy and Alessandra which I conclude the most whimsical and tagos-to-the-bone movie I’ve ever watched. Honestly, it was cliche just as many film does but there is something beyond cliche this time. It was a mixture of mixed-reality and heartfelt comedy. I was leaving the movie house with tears in my eyes. Watch it it was good! I won’t tell the story to keep the curiosity running! I’m looking forward for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino and Cinemalaya 2017 this coming August.





Also, last July 8 We witnessed the most gloriously broadway musical Sister Act. That was my first time to watch a broadway musical and nevertheless not the last time. If I could just watch it over and over again I would! The songs were great, the transition of scenes were smooth and the cast were extraordinary. The whole play was perfect and I wish to watch them again if they visit the Philippines again, after watching the play my head was stuck and playing “Take me to heaven” for almost a week! Cheers to the Sister Act cast and production! Great job!







So, after dreaming of visiting Ilocos Sur and Norte I got the most spontaneous chance to finally live that dream! Last June was my Mom’s company tour and she brought me with her because I’m really dying to visit the place. Long drives-Butt hurt-No Sleep Gaming-Sun Burn were some of the most memorable things I felt during the trip. But it was worth it! Actually, the tour guide and agency that handled the tour was very professional, Lucky Pick Travel and Tours check out their Facebook page for more details

Lucky Pick Travel and Tours Facebook Page

It was a great experience most especially the beach in Pagudpud, I am not that fan of beaches but this one was different, took my breath away and one of the highlights was the Parola Adventures which provides good tour guide and photographer at the same time. Very accommodating and professional, If you visit the Burgos Light House check out the cool tour guides and surely your visit will become more memorable than walking around and taking pictures. To sum it up, Ilocos Norte and Sur were a one-stop place for heritage and new finds. Visit the place you won’t regret it.




Yes, I’m back! I am fucking back! The reason why I wasn’t able to blog, write, read and do all my regular routine was because of the fact that I was too preoccupied by something that never really mattered. I thought everything will last if I just prioritize it and unfortunately everything was done. I have been battling depression and stress at the same time. I am not okay, but I am recovering finally. Shout out to my friends for being there and endlessly supporting me most especially during my meltdown moments, and to you who made my life miserable, Thank you. I became strong because of you. I know you’re doing fine and more better than me, be happy.

This band made my recovery easier, I wasn’t able to watch them last Saturday but I am very happy for their successful concert.“>Oh Wonder


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