I don’t know how to take it back, I’m sorry

I cannot count how many times I have said sorry to you for days now and I’m still going to say sorry.

I thought it was fair enough to share my thoughts about you without thinking how it will affect you

I thought I was great enough to say that I am strong because I can put those words into a list where I undeniably thrown you outside the bus

I’ve done a lot of impulsive things since the day you came back

I literally explode when argument takes place between us and I’ve been too inconsiderate about how you feel when you’ve come across my abode

I was too conscious about many things, I’ve been too dramatic and emotional when it comes to you

Because I am, and I will be forever in love with you

I said it before, our story was unfinished, that’s why destiny decided to bring us back together

But I don’t know why I always screw it up

I’m a chronic over-thinker, too sentimental, too exaggerated and too insensitive of how things would end up because of what I am doing

I literally don’t know how to take it back, all those words and one-sided banter I have apparently thrown to you

I am very vulnerable when it comes to you

I am too much to handle

I am different, but I don’t know how to change it

Those lines that I said, that I deserve better than you?

I will never deserve anyone else because the only person that I can and I will love is, you

It may sound silly, yes, I know

After all the stupid words, I said, I don’t even know what to do

And for a fact there is no one waiting there for me, it was just out of impulsive optimism that’s why I said it

I’m so afraid and too self-conscious I admit it, and I apologize for that

I don’t know when will you realize that I fully acknowledge my mistake

But I promise. I’ll be better

Because I cannot see anyone else beside me to complete that unfinished story-line we made except you.


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