I’m sorry if this is not the kind of love you were looking for

I’m sorry if this wasn’t the kind of love you think you deserve

I’m sorry if I could not show how much I think I love you

I’m sorry if I wasn’t that typical girl in your dreams

I’m sorry because I gained weight and I wasn’t that pretty for you to show off to your friends

I’m sorry because I can sacrifice my own responsibilities for your own good

I’m sorry for being so ignorant because you think that I’m too pragmatic in many things

I’m sorry for being too sentimental

I’m sorry for all the misunderstood point of views I have

I’m sorry for taking care of you the way I can

I’m sorry for the long messages and explanations of my side

I’m sorry for taking a leap of faith just to put us into the next level

I’m sorry for all the rejection and “sorry I can’t go because I have plates to do”

I’m sorry for choosing you over and over again

I’m sorry for giving you another chance

I’m sorry for not giving you the true love life you wanted to have

I’m sorry for being an introvert and the fact that I have social anxiety

I’m sorry for asking permission to my parents before I leave

I’m sorry if you think I can’t decide on my own

I’m sorry for being 20 and still dependent for my parent’s permission

I’m sorry for not being able to dress like the mannequin inside the department store does

I’m sorry if you can’t feel the love that I wanted to show you for 3 fucking years

I’m sorry for waiting for hours just to see your reply

I’m sorry for not starting a conversation because you keep on ignoring me

I’m sorry for not texting you because the more I wanted to, disappointment comes along

I’m sorry for your active now and I’m stupidly waiting you to send me a message

I’m sorry for waking up in the middle of night waiting for your goodnight message

I’m sorry for keeping the conversation going even if you just reply Hahaha just to end it

I’m sorry that I don’t casually say I love you

I’m sorry for having this sense of importance of saying I love you

I’m sorry I can’t be the cool girlfriend you think you deserve

I’m sorry if I wanted to finish my studies first

I’m sorry for disappointing you

I’m sorry because I’m slowly giving up

I’m sorry but you are now indirectly discriminates me

I’m sorry because I’m just a model for body shaming

I’m sorry for being a book worm because I love books more than anything else

I’m sorry because I can’t deal with the trending things on social media

I’m sorry for giving you a lot of chances

I’m sorry for remembering the words you said that you will never let me go

I’m sorry for thinking that I am more matured but you just can’t realize it

I’m sorry for everything

I’m sorry because now I choose to be happy

I’m sorry because I love myself more

I’m sorry because I think I deserve better

I’m sorry because I loved you for 4 years

I’m sorry for fucking loving you when I know there is something greater waiting for me

I’m sorry for being not good enough

I’m sorry

Disclaimer: This was just about how I felt, and this is not all about him. This was written out of sentiments, and it wasn’t intended to judge or forsake anyone. Thanks


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