Hi guys! its been two months (I think) since the last time I updated my blog. Apologies my friend I was so busy and a lot of things happened that I decided not to update my blog. Just a glimpse, exams and plates, stress and breakdowns and birthdays and happenings were around the corner for the last two months. I never felt the existence of the Christmas countdown due to many deadlines and exams. School responsibilities killed my holiday vibes. Anyways, I’m still happy because of unexpected things that occurred in the last two months of 2016. I turned 20 this year and  early adulthood hit me big time! A lot of changes happened and I never thought that my 2016 would be awesome because of unexpected things and happenings! Bless up 2016! Now let me update you with what’s happening with my tedious but quite interesting life lol



Last November 30 I celebrated my 20th birthday! Still can’t believe that I’m quickly approaching adulthood damn it. As always my day was well spent with my family and relatives, we went out for lunch at Lido Las Piñas, to be honest I’m a low key fan of Chinese cuisines and I guess all of us in the family loves Chinese food!

Check out the Lido Las Piñas branch

Lido Las Piñas Branch Facebook Page

We reserved three days before to make sure that we can have the best seats and of course, as expected when we arrived at the restaurant the place was very comfortable and the crew were so active and accommodating. They even played the birthday song for me, I love that place so much. The food was great try their sweet and sour pork. I’ve tasted a lot of sweet and sour pork and to be honest Lido’s was great not over the top but not ordinary. Try it guys!



Since the half of 2016 I’ve been collecting books for summer vacation and i am guilty of spending a lot of money for my guilty pleasure. Anyway, as part of my book hoarding habit, I decided to collect Susan Wiggs’ Lakeshore Chronicles


Unfortunately, I got like five copies of the series and bought two same books but different cover! that’s my mistake every time! EVERYTIME! I love Susan Wiggs’ books so much it gives me a lot of romantic feels and all of the stories were wonderfully written. Check it out guys (Book Sale in particular, can’t find her books in National Bookstore tho)

Next one is Pete Wilson’s book Empty Promises, I don’t usually buy devotional or spiritual books, but this book caught my eye for a second and I felt like I really need to buy it.


I started reading the book last night, it has 12 chapters and very interesting topics. I decided to read chapter 1 and 2, after reading I realized a lot of things, how idolatry can change how you believe in God and how it affects you emotionally and spiritually. The true to life stories compiled in the book was very concise and you can easily reflect and realize the important things that we must prioritize and give importance to. Grab a copy of this book at amazon or any bookstore in your area

Grab your copy  from Amazon! click the link below

Empty Promises: The Truth About You, Your Desires, and the Lies You’re Believing

Another thing, due to my hectic schedule, I haven’t updated my page on my trending stories, and I wasn’t able to do discover challenges. So for 2017 I will casually blog about different topics because I can barely post an update because of school stuffs. I feel so sick about it, but I promise I’ll try my best to post good stuffs here! I’ll make it up to you guys!


Last October 29, I posted Paano kapag pagod ka nang mapagod?  that was suppose to be my spoken word poetry piece, but because of the nerve racking feelings, my confidence went to zero from one hundred real quick lol.  I decided not to perform and I swear to try it next time. You could check out my piece on the link above!14666304_1329732923727504_7218202920304832624_n

Anyway, it was a great experience I was alone that night, I met new people with same interests and the independent feels I got during that time awestruck the introverted girl with random thoughts inside me. They’ve been selling second hand book from Roch Lozarte, Louise Meets, Kat Roxas and Abby Orbeta. Here’s the funny thing, so I arrived at the cafe before 8pm maybe 7:45 pm I guess and the first thing that I saw was, there were no people inside the cafe, and I casually went inside and ask for some information and they said that the performance was located on the other side of the cafe, so the feeling-confident-me decided to have dinner first and I just ate a huge serving of burger and fries (I thought it was just a simple burger, but it wasn’t I was shook tbh) and after eating I decided to fix my things because I have my T-square with me and my heavy bag with laptop and other nerdy stuffs. So much for that, after paying I saw a girl outside the cafe and it looks familiar and its LOUISE MEETS she’s goddamn gorgeous! She’s a spoken word artist and she’s one of my favorite next to sarah kay and abby orbeta! I was literally frozen to death! watch this  (You’ll love her!)Pindrop Silence-Louise Meets so before I went to the location I asked the girl at the front door and asked her if it’s Louise meets and it’s freaking her and she offered to introduce me to her and I literally turned down the offer lol I’m annoying AF. This social anxiety kills me everytime! so I decided to go the cafe and few people was inside and I saw a lot of individuals without friends including me ha-ha! as the event goes, there was a girl I met and she’s literally too young for the explicit topics of poetry for that event, though I think she matured because honestly, she’s more dolled up compared to me (spare my college beauty remedies: all nighter energy drink and no need to comb mornings lol) anyways she’s downright intelligent and I see a lot of potential, she’s a great friend I suppose. As the event goes well, all my favorite pieces were performed and I wasn’t able to take pictures of them, I captured about 6 photos only because of the hype and I wanted to cherish every moment of the event. PINDROP SILENCE was performed and LETTERS TO ONLINE DATING was also performed by abby orbeta. It was a night of fun and great adventure alone for me, another check on my bucket list! Can’t wait to spend another night watching spoken word artists again and even try to perform in front of  a great crowd!

Next is the conceptrum in alabang town center

We went there to celebrate our two friends birthday, actually I never heard of that place before (The conceptrum not ATC) so I’m very curious and quite anxious because some of my friends were afraid because it sounds creepy though its challenging at the same time.

Conceptrum is a mission-based real life game room which has a variation of suspense and thriller games. When we went there, we’re group of three because we’re too many to play in just one game so the staff decided divide us. For our group we decided to play COMPROMISED it wasn’t that scary but we are freaking scared knowing for a fact that it  just a game lol. My other friends decided to play DORMITORY which is very scary based on their stories. All of us enjoyed the 40 minute, real life game and it was awesome! Try it out guys, it was located near TIMEZONE in Alabang Town Center near the Zapote Las Piñas entrance. The prices were shown in the picture above! So much fun awaits you in Conceptrum!


Again, I turned 20 this year and I still cannot absorb the fact that I’m getting old and we are nearly graduating (5 year course mind you) and I’m still watching cartoons and Disney films ugh I cannot. Anyway, 2016 has been good to me overall, especially in the latter part of it. I was reconciled with someone special and with audacity I told my mom about him and she’s freaking out but I’m happy about it! Can’t wait to face 2017 with new adventures!

I’m currently writing poems and blogs about it and I swear to God I wanted to post as soon as I can honey! Please bare with me, anyways, I updated my Spotify playlist check the link below!




I will try my best to update my blog this week because it’s vacation time yay! But sadly I can’t continue the discover challenges  I feel guilty because of my conflicting and hectic schedules. Anyway, how’s your 2016? Share your stories with me!


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