Hello! So I’ve been so inactive for like three weeks because of school works and anxiety all at the same time. Just a little glimpse of what happened in the past three weeks, The first major plate for our DESIGN 7 was given it was a global city and the submission was moved twice I think, luckily I accomplished the requirement so cheers to that! Next is the #InTheMix concert that I wasn’t able to witness and the recent The 1975 live lounge with the Philharmonic orchestra IT WAS FREAKING LIT  and I’ve been hired to be a contributing writer of a New York based website!!! so much for introduction let’s do this!



Its my rest day today, apparently it wasn’t really a rest day because I have tons of workloads to do but I make it a point to update my love of my life blog anyway, As I said before I wasn’t able to attend the #IntheMix concert last August 18 because of several reasons but I am so happy, although I wasn’t able to watch it live, luckily someone posted on YouTube and I’m very thankful for that! So here’s the link for all the people who wasn’t able to watch it. (For some The1975 fans I know this is too late to post but it is worth posting anyway)

Next is the 1975 Apple Music festival show and The 1975 Symphony Live Lounge performance. Those performances were so great! They never really wasted any second to impress the people and show them how to perform with 100% originality and sincerity! The Apple Music festival was available on the music app in Apple products, few videos of the performances were uploaded but not the entire show I think it’s because of copyright infringement here’s the video available on YouTube

The 1975 Live Lounge performance 2016 was magical! I never imagined that it would happen and how this indie band can be big as this today, I cried watching them I’ve been a fan since drive like i do and big sleep era and I saw how they grow into this unique and world class band that any fan can be proud of. Here’s the link for the whole performance, the performance was globally available during the event I was up until 4 am just to watch them but the internet wasn’t cooperating so I decided to watch it the next day luckily someone uploaded so here it is

Check out this article right here

Enough for the 1975 fandom. So last September 26 I visited the Cavite Campus of Lyceum of the Philippines I was impressed by its modern and sustainable architecture! The buildings were great and world class I have never been so impressed to school facilities before but this campus was over the top! (photos are mine)




So for the past three weeks I’ve been hoarding a lot of books for summer and I accidentally bought two exactly the same books lol. It was Brick Lane by Monica Ali.

gf.jpgI’ve been saving a lot of books because they are my stress reliever and knowing the fact that we don’t have semesteral break makes me cringe. Assload school works were given and I don’t have enough time to visit my blog weekly and it’s a little bit sad because this is my way to express my sentiments and all. Anyway for the good news! Looks who’s been hired!


Yup! I was offered to have a position as a contributing writer of My trending stories and I was shook and I accepted it! I’m so happy because of it and I wasn’t really expecting it. So here’s my first post, actually I already posted it here before but it was great for a first post so I decided to alter it to make it my first ever article



This coming Saturday will be a blast because me and my friend will try our best to watch IMAGO live on stage at Imusix Place Imus, I’ve been a fan ever since! I’m excited!! I haven’t traveled a lot because I have regular classes but I have a bunch of bucket list and I’m expecting a lot of educational tours this year. So I’m gonna share few south spots that you can check out if you want something refreshingly new and unique

First is the newly opened Resto-Shopping Store in Imus

The Meeting Plate

Located at  KM 19 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Palico IV, Imus Cavite


(Photo not mine)

Meeting Plate recently opened its second branch in the south, this store is very interesting because of its unusual setup. You can shop and you can eat at the same time. If you get hungry whilst shopping you don’t have to look for nearby restaurant because inside the store a spacious dining area were allotted for its unique twist. The interior of the store was modern and relaxing. Honestly I have never been there but I’ll be visiting them next week. I’ll be doing a review of their stuffs (hopefully!)

Here’s the link of their Facebook page

and Instagram account

The Backyard Foodtruck Community

Here’s the address, Km. 30 Gen. E. Aguinaldo Highway corner N. Guevarra

Dasmariñas, Philippines

I’ve been there several times, I even celebrated my 18th birthday at this place and It was a great experience. I’m fond of watching the Food Truck Race on Food Network and with thatI’ve been fantasizing a birthday or any celebration held with this theme, and luckily this food truck community in dasma opened! and I did celebrate my 18th birthday there. It was memorable and worth sharing.The food was great multi-cuisine as they say, outdoor dining that is exciting. A lot of food trucks every week, open mic performances, bands and djs were performing, this is a great place for relaxing and TGIF nights.

Facebook page link:




The photo above was my 18th birthday at TBFC Dasma



89th Street Seafood Restobar and Grill

Located at Garden Plaza Commercial Complex Km. 12 Aguinaldo Highway Bacoor City, Cavite

If you want to have seafood dine outs this is a great place where you can spend time to listen, watch entertaining performances and most especially to taste fresh seafood that can relive your stressful nights! It was newly opened and it was located in a garden complex, check this out it’s worth it!


Here’s the link for its Facebook Page

So that’s it check out those cool spots, I’ll be posting a few list maybe next week (I’ll try my best lol) and do several reviews few restaurants


I’ve been watching How to get away with murder season 1 and season 2 because I recently got a copy of it from my friend. All I can say is that, this series was so clever that it makes me think I’m the dumbest person in the world. No chill mates. Gonna make a review of my fave series next time I swear.


Btw. Check my Spotify playlist for old songs that I love! 




75 days before Christmas! How you doin’ guys? Share it with me!


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