NINETEEN: Black, white and loose

Outer Layers

Black, white and loose


“Why do you always wear black? Is there a funeral or something? You look fat, is that because of your shirt? Or maybe it’s just that you really gain weight? Don’t wear white, you look darker!”


I see. Why do people always criticize other people’s judgement about their own fashion? Does anyone need approval on how they pull off their own clothes? Can people just understand that everyone has its own unique fashion sense. The way you dress speaks about who you really are. But misjudgments were palpably present on our generation today. You can flaunt all you want, but don’t be mad at how the crowd reacts in the way you wanted to them to perceive the outer goddess that you were possessing. You always wear the same clothes every monday regardless of the fact that it was obviously distressed but it has deeper meaning because nana gave you that shirt. You wanted to change your wardrobe and turn it into something you fancy for a long time. Do it! It can make you better. Do not be afraid of judgments, criticism and misconceptions. You are you! Be unique in a beautiful way!



So, the board above shows my fashion sense, I created this board last year I think, when I experienced a lot of offensive judgments. I cleared my wardrobe and turned it into a minimalist pile of clothes. I casually wear colored clothes especially at school because they require color coding but in reality I wear a lot of black and white. I wanted to share a photo of my closet, unfortunately I wasn’t able to organize it, its gonna be a laughing stock if I posted pictures of it so maybe next time guys. But that’s it!


If you want to portray a character, or maybe you wanted to reinvent your fashion sense GO AHEAD! Who are we to judge?  It’s all about you and not about us. Be someone who’s not afraid to show the world his/her true character! Come out strong and fearless! xoxo


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