My first heartbreak


It was summer 2008 when I first laid my hands on her

She was small, fragile and weak little creature

Black spots, with white diamond shape on her forehead

I kept her isolated

I took care of her

Every tidbits of her were carefully acknowledged

She grew up and turns to be a silly and jolly little gift

She makes me smile everyday

Wakes me up in the morning

Sleeps beside me during the evening

We were best of friends

Not until it happened

My first heartbreak

She was sick

We went to every person that can possibly help her

But they told us to let go of you

I told them i don’t want to

I’m crying

So hard that i cannot accept that you’ll be leaving so soon

I went to school and i was thinking of you

I got home and father said,

“She’s happy now”

I cried all night

I remember your dirty paws, your hair scattered around my bedroom your barking and all the things you did.

No one can replace my bestfriend

My first dog

Blackie, I miss you so much



HI! so I’ve been so inactive for like three weeks its all because of school works, I apologize for that! I’ll be posting several posts today and probably until tomorrow. How was your week started?


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