My own kind of superheroes

This is not your ordinary poem

It may sound a little odd

A little out of rhyme

And maybe a little out of thought

I had a conversation with a 7 year old kid

He asked me, an ordinary but quite strange question

Who is your favorite superhero?

I answered him bluntly

I don’t have any favorite superhero!

He asked again, and he said why?

I answered, I don’t know 

And heart crestfallen, he left

But honestly, I really don’t know the answer

I never imagined that I actually believe in superhero

I know it exists

Maybe in comics and books, movies and series

But in real life?

Do they even exist?

Staring blankly at the clouds

I contemplated and realized that I had my own superhero

It wasn’t a fictional character

Nor an illusion of someone who’s great enough to save your life

But it was someone whom you know

Personally, They are the ones who sacrificed their lives just to help you grow

Indeed, its the two best people in the world

The two weirdest and funniest person I know

They selflessly accepted a simple present from a miscreant person

Who ideally made a mistake, but end up doing the right thing

They took care of it, sacrifice their own happiness just to support this precious gem

They weren’t three strings attached

They weren’t thick as their blood joined together

They were three strangers who found their lost pieces in each other

They were destined to encounter an unusual miracle

Fate handled them well

I think it’s my answer to the strange question

Who is your superhero?

It must be who are my superheroes?

They are my silly-lovable-weird-parents

They sacrificed a ton of things just to make me happy

Working and struggling to provide the basic needs this colorful life we have

They even laugh through tough times

Throwing the corniest jokes I heard

And lastly, they give the most sincere and true criticism and compliments to me.

My parents are my superhero

No more question asked

Hey kid! I got something here


How was your weekend going everyone? 🙂






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  1. “Mother is God in the eyes of a child.” – Silent Hill

    We will always be surrounded with superheroes, every waking day of our lives. These are the people who are close to us, the people who will always go out of their way to be with us and make us feel that everything’s gonna be alright. Now that’s something heroic, innit? 🙂

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