Are you Open-Minded?


“Good morning,  Ma’am Sir! how was your day? may I ask you a simple question,  How open-minded are you? Do you want to join and earn a lot? Contact us A.S.A.P.”


Maybe you’re wondering, what the hell am I talking about, but if you were in the Philippines I’m 100 percent sure that you can relate to the statement above. Apparently the word Open-Minded was thoughtlessly abused in the Philippines that’s because of the immense approach of networking business in our country. The true sense of the word Open-Minded was greatly disregarded, because it became an onomatopoeia of being a patriot of foolishness and greediness. Fortunately, I never experience that adverse situation

Back to the topic, how can I personally define being Open-minded?

Am I open-minded?

What does it really mean?

Actually, sometimes I reckon that I’m quite open-minded (well, that’s my opinion) by the sense of willingly accepting new propositions  and being able  to understand deeper meanings about different and unexpected situations. Honestly, I don’t want this to be a lengthy twaddle narrative about my open-minded evaluation, that’s why I wanted to share few listings of how do I understand the true meaning of being an Open-Minded Person.

You are a passive person

Being an open minded person is quite challenging because you never complicate things, if things doesn’t work out you are way too understanding to figure out what to do next. You have wide range mind, with full of ideas that can possibly work out and you look for greater meaning to unexpected circumstances.


You are quite challenging to deal with

Sometimes you may be misunderstood because of how you look upon the things that can barely disregard your beliefs and traditions. Some people may judge you by being too liberated and how you discern things by its meaning. You have a free mind that makes you a little unique to your own crowd.


You are not afraid of changes

As I said earlier, you were always open about new ideas and nature that’s why you can easily adapt to immediate changes because of  your own judgement. You weren’t scared of the opinion of others about you because you know that you are making sense and you really comprehend the essence of what you have done.


You feel pointless sometimes

Because of too much information and views you have, sometimes you are scared to realize that you certainly don’t know everything. By tha,t it makes you quite vulnerable and end up terrified and exhausted about thinking too much.


You are not afraid of mistakes

As an open minded person, you can understand why people end up making mistakes might as well yourself. You are open that everybody makes mistakes and it has a reason behind it and you can easily deal with it in several ways you know.


You are strong and exceptionally honest

Open-mindedness can be described as your building blocks in strengthening your own character and justifying your own beliefs. Considering you got a lot of ideas and perceptions out there, you still have your own unbiased judgment on different things and  strong hold on your own principle in life. Also, you are honest in your own distinct way. You can easily admit that you are not an I-know-everything-person, although sometimes you may think that it’s quite weird that you don’t know several information, but in that sense you also realize that maybe its because you need to challenge yourself to explore and search for different opinions and beliefs.


You are freaking confident!

If you live with such an open mind, surely you have a strong sense of self. Given the fact that you have your own beliefs with you and understanding about other people’s beliefs you aren’t justified by it! You are thirsty of something new, you are not tired of exploring new things and definitely you are not ready to get stuck and disregard your own chance of unraveling great things ahead of you, and for that it makes you confident and it helps you to grow and strengthen your own personality!


Hi there homies! Sorry for the late update I’ll make it up to you next week  I promise! Anyway,  how was your week going? and are you an open minded person? Share your stories with me! 🙂 xoxo

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  1. lazyhaze says:

    That was an awesome list…😊

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    1. nikkylosa says:

      Thanks dear!

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