Fifteen: Designed For You

Designed for You


“I was designed to design”


Quite odd, isn’t it? but this phrase explains how I was designed to pursue my dream and aspirations in designing and creating ideas to build structures.

It was never a coincidence in a glazing time, it was destined to happen. I was unsure about what path would I take after I graduated High School level, until fate decided to push me into architecture. It was a whirlwind at first, new environment and new knowledge to ponder. Until I realized that fate really does its work! When I was a kid, I wanted to cook and to study law, and that dream was beyond far from my reality today. It brought me to a reality with sufficient art and science where I can express all my ideas to the world, how I can make a difference for the comfort and easement of the people and how I can inspire other people to pursue the things that was designed for them. It was all planned, and we should trust it, because these things were never destined to break us or tear us apart, but to make us a little stronger and be successful in our different endeavors.

Indeed I was designed to design

Architecture helped me to fully understand that I was designated to design and make a thorough change to my reality.


I’m going to share three points about how can you be inspired and be remembered that you have a reason to live and make a difference in every possible way.


You were designed to be something in this world, because you have a greater purpose

Never underestimate yourself, never have second thoughts about what you can do and never lose confidence in yourself. You were created and formed to create something new, maybe become somebody who’s going to make a great difference in this world or just to simply live your life the way fate and you wanted to have. Never let pressure destroy you, you are great as you are and always be optimistic about every single thing.

You were designed to be what you are, because you matter

You wanted to have a blond hair, but the color doesn’t suits you, you wanted to have a fair skin because you are afraid to be judged about your color and you wanted to be somebody else because it makes you think that it will hold you up on the status quo. No, it won’t help you in attaining that status quo, you were changing because of the society and it must stop. You weren’t born to please the humanity! You were designed to become who you want to be and to show the world who you are. You matter without the status quo. You are perfectly fine and kicking asses since you were born, keep that in mind.

You were designed to prove something beyond the ordinary

You weren’t created to be just an ordinary human being in this crazy world. You were designed not just to make a change, but to innovate and see things in a different perspective. Everyone’s unique and amazing in their own single way. The feeling of success when it comes to making a huge change about how you live your life everyday and making it a little different and productive certainly gives you that worthy living everyone wanted to have.

Hi guys, I had my recent breakdown last Wednesday when I was supposed to blog and write my post. I was so stressed and everything was lost. Up until now I can’t think straight because of the stress I’m feeling right now. I never had this kind of stress before, maybe it’s also because of the people who surrounds me. The people whom I thought who will never fail to make me a little optimistic everyday. I was wrong, but I wanted to patch up all my issues now. Ugh, anyway, this is so depressing, I wanna hear your story! Were you designed for what? 🙂


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