First Week + Stress = Reality

Helluva First Week


“Good morning class! I am… And now kindly introduce yourselves one by one.”

I wish this was the first activity on my first class for this semester, but it wasn’t. I know that was quite a silly introduction to begin with but for me its a must and it’s a great way to reconnect and reintroduce to each other.

Yes, I survived the first week. I’m overly stressed about literally nothing but because of such pressure I’m currently handling today and even everyday I just can’t do things the way i used to do it before. Bitch I’m gonna tell you about this first week, first stress scenarios. Please bare with me fellas!


So before I went to school, I posted two blog posts and for those who wasn’t able to read that, here’s the link: Life recently… Anyways, here it goes so I left the house two hours before our class because my school’s quite far from home (17 kilometers to be exact) and the undeniable traffic wasn’t working with my schedule so I tend to leave one to two hours before the class. The class was at 3pm and I arrived at 3:30 and I was so stressed out because of the traffic and the heat wave outside, luckily I wasn’t late and I’m so happy about that. I was expecting something new about this first day of school, basically because we’re shuffled and the subject is quite new for us. I recognized few faces and especially those people who wasn’t my classmates before. The class went well, it wasn’t that bad for a first day honey. We did a few essays and doodle, so my mind stumbled for a minute or so until I gathered all my thoughts and passed my first exercise for this school year. I got home at 9 pm 😦


No class every tuesday! Yay!


7 am class was supposed to be my favorite class. I’m a morning person I think the travel time also trained me to get up early and go to school an hour earlier, I loved going to school at morning. But this time, it’s freaking different! The traffic was worse than ever, the students are congested, cars were building up traffic and my travel time should be updated! I left the house at exactly 5:45 am and I’m expecting to be there at 6:30 or 6:4o am but it wasn’t like before! I arrived at 7:15! Like wtf? the traffic was awful! Luckily and unfortunately my first class were called off, the class was freaking rescheduled, at least I wasn’t marked late! The next class was very informative and we had a new professor. The day ended up well, but I’m not that happy about the traffic issue 😦



Worst day ever! As I said before, the terrible traffic certainly was the first issue, next was my monthly period, and I was late. Yes! I adjusted my time I left at excatly 5:30 am and I’m expecting to arrive at 6:30 am because that was very early unlike before I go to school at 6 am and I wasn’t late at all. Shit happened and I arrived at 7:02 at school and I needed to walk for like 100 meters until I reach my classroom, and so I arrived at 7:08 am and I was fucking late. My heart was broken, that was my first time for this subject! and I have never been late at this subject before!! (Design Class 😦 ) I felt miserable the entire day, and I am not feeling well and my monthly period wasn’t helping! We had to submit a plate at the end of the class and it was an open presentation and by partner that’s why it uplifted me a little bit. But I’m still mourning about my fucking tardiness! (To be honest, I’m still thinking about that today) We are able to pass the required plate and I was happy about that, We proposed a Community Complex Center and I forgot the labels (and also this thing, I’m overthinking!) And I thought the bad omen was finished but it wasn’t, the room rules were updated and one thing in particular was greatly implemented immediately that day. 3 % will be deducted if you leave any trash or eraser waste on your place. I left my table all clean and you wouldn’t notice any single trash at it, as if it wasn’t touched or anything BUT unfortunately one of my classmates left a trash and kicked it into my place and I was blamed for it and I was fucking marked again! However, because of my PMS I stood up with my own just and told my professor that i didn’t leave any single trace of me at my place and I shouldn’t be blamed for it. Luckily he unmarked it and I’m happy. But I’m still thinking about my first late on this class!



I arrived at school at 6:30! I’m very early and energized! Unfortunately, my professor was late and the 7 am class was moved at 8:30 and my effort to go to school early was a waste of effort! Anyway, our professor was so cool, that’s why I didn’t take it as a big deal ha-ha-ha The class was nonchalant and relaxed I didn’t think of checking the time and the subject was very interesting! We have a class after it, but it was canceled and we hang out at my friends house near our school and spent the afternoon watching movies and anime (We watched the last episode of Flame of Recca, correct me if I’m wrong about the title but it was quite nostalgic and the feels were undeniable! We’re watching anime like a little kid, but we’re already on our 20’s!) Got home at 7pm, traffic again was killing me.



Class at 8 am and I arrived at 6:40! My time adjustments for this semester was horrible! Anyway! Our 8 am class was canceled because there has been a conflict with the scheduled professor and so we are instructed to cancel the class because of the irregularities. The rain was pouring hard and we went out for lunch just a few meters away from school, the rain was appalling and we hopped into the car all wet and also our things were drenched in water! We arrived at the restaurant and it’s still raining, zero visibility as we described. We went back to school for our next subject and we arrived on time! Few lecture and essays! 300 words! damn! My head’s not working, but fortunately with the help of some sugar and glucose I handled it well. The class went well, the professor was a substitute professor but he was great, he’s my professor in my thursday class where I was marked late 😦 For the last subject we also had a substitute and we did an activity and I got home 9pm. I was freaking tired and I needed to go to church at 5:30 am the next day. 😦



To sum it up…

My first week was not that bad, but it was a helluva first week! I got pressure from my new classmates, pressure from my new professors and pressure about the fact that in a few years will be graduating and taking the board exam after! I just have to deal with the pressure and be very optimistic about the great possibilities within the future! Anyhow, I should be happy about this first semester and because of that let’s cheer for my first week and for my entire school year!!



How was your week everyone? Share your stories with me!




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  1. Just as with anything, the first few days/weeks are going to be a lot about adjusting and acclimating to the new set up. Just hang in there, keep up the tempo, and ride the uncertainties out.

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