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Annyeong! So just a little glimpse of what happened last week, my laptop was broken(the hinges to be exact) and I needed to go to the repair shop immediately or else the LCD will shatter into pieces. Rain was pouring and I’m riding the jeepney all wet just to deliver my laptop to the store, luckily after five hours it was fixed! YEY! So today is the first day of our first semester and my class is at 3pm – 8:30 one subject! Well, I enjoyed my four month vacay so there’s nothing to say more…



So, today is our first day and I still haven’t fixed my things for my green building design subject today. 3pm -8:30 pm class wasn’t that bad at all 🙂  I wasn’t able to update my blog last week because of the broken hinge of my laptop, but fair enough it was fixed in no time! So, tomorrow will be a special day for someone special, I heard that he wasn’t that excited when it comes to his birthday, but  I wanted to share my prayers and good luck cheers for another year in this huge and busy world, AND YES! In two days, The 1975 will be here in Manila! 48 hours! 😦 but I decided not to go because I have classes and priorities first, I’m looking forward for the next tour babies! Do well Matty-Georgy-Hann-Rass! Another thing, so a week ago or maybe two weeks ago, the Architecture tour 2017 was announced and guess what its in KOREA! Yes, in Korea. I was a die hard Kpop Fan before as in die hard, I bought CDs, posters, shirt and even stickers of my favorite boy band and artists, but unfortunately two years ago i got tired of that routine and I’m now quite unfamiliar to that genre. April 2017 is the expected month of our trip, I am wondering what would be the weather in that exact month, any information guys will be appreciated 🙂 (I hate cold, I hate winter)

In case you’re still interested in buying #InTheMix tickets the link is here:


Actually it’s a great deal because there would be a bunch of artists in one show, and that is full blown homies! Grab your tickets now, two days left! 

And for those people who are going to korea any time soon, check out this YouTube channel:

Informative guide and a great way to know what to bring, where to go, what to say and more stuff to do in Korea! Enjoy!


It was raining almost everyday since last week and the streets nearby were flooded and slippery. Luckily my parent’s home wasn’t affected by the flood and I was just settling at home and eating alone 🙂 And yes, as I mentioned above, my laptop was fixed and I was so happy because I can now do my daily routines and errands properly. The cost of repair was discounted because the owner figured out that I was still a student and he’s just generous to give a lot of discounts, incase you need repair for your laptop and you are located within Las Pinas or Bacoor contact me and I tell you all the details about that great laptop repair shop! While waiting for like five hours at the mall last Saturday, I decided to look for books and supplies at the bookstore and luckily I found gems! These two books below were what I found at the book store, I finished the Anatomy of a single girl because it was 300 pages only and I was so bored waiting for my laptop to be fixed, and the other one was a lot thicker and bolder than the first one. Both stories were great! I recommend  “A Million Little Pieces by James Frey” In case you’re going through a lot of changes in your life and the “Anatomy of a Single Girl by Daria Snadowsky” I recommend it for young adults like me who doesn’t have an intimate relationship to anyone it was informative indeed. Also, I would like to share with you that I’ve finished the Harry Potter Series YES! THE BOOK like three weeks ago and I’m stoked! I still have second doubts about buying “The Cursed Child” due to several bad reviews I’ve read. Anyway, too much of the bookish stuff, One of my friends told me before that I should watch Dirty Dancing because it was a great movie, but then again, I don’t like too much romance in a film but after a few tries I decided to watch it, and for me IT WAS FREAKNG AWESOME! I wanna be lifted in the air like her, dance and sway at the same rhythm as her! I see why Jess (Zooey Deschanel) watched it after her breakup 🙂 Also, I watched the Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles I got that 80’s vibe two weeks ago! Try watching those film it will take you back to the real chills of love without having dirty kissing scenes on the big screen 🙂

a_million_little_piecesimages (1)downloadsixteen-candleswryzpBI7yLs.movieposter.jpg


Last July 22 was my first experience to ride extreme rides on a theme park! I swear to myself that I’m gonna ride those freaking rides when I’m with my special someone (Look how pathetic I am LOL) Anyway, I still experienced riding a lot of extreme rides for the first time, mainly the extreme tower, log jam, anchors away and a lot more. It was a great bonding time for us as a group! I recommend enchanted kingdom for south travelers who wanted to have glimpse of extreme rides and fun activities. Also last week the day after my Enchanted Kingdom escapade was my Uncle’s birthday , It was a blast and I wore a dress. I wanted to wear pants, but I ended up wearing a dress and heels goodness gracious! But it was fun, and I learned something from it. Being a better person is such a priceless gift to anyone around you, You may tend to get discouraged by several challenges but you must stay on your feet and beat it with flying colors! Just be a better person everyday that’s it! And by the way, the place was great Casa Ladrillo was quite small compared to other events place but, the entire facility was great, it was very modern and sleek the parking was average and the restrooms were clean and impressive. The food was also great it was a family friend I recommend it, especially the Chicken with ensalada and their delicious mango jello!


For the south travelers and theme park bloggers try Enchanted Kingdom here’s the link:

Incase you’re planning to have a party within Bacoor and Alabang and you need a average size events place that will accomodate all your needs, Casa Ladrillo is the best choice for me. Check out their Facebook page: 

And for the food, Hands up to this catering service! Very good food and service, very accommodating and it has it all! Check out their Facebook page incase you have upcoming parties here’s the link folks: 


To be honest, I was lost for like weeks and I still haven’t figured anything out. I don’t know why my anxiety kicks everyday and I just wanted to breakdown time to time. My last resort to overcome these situations was reading books and blogging, but last week was very tough, I’m still trying to keep my shits together to handle the pressure for this first semester. I just can’t help but to overthink things, but prayers are my weapon bless this freak within me. Last Saturday I dreamt about a chubby guy that is taller than me and he hug me and I felt so special and I’m still thinking about him up until now, and that is quite weird isn’t it? And I found out that  (This data was from google)”Scientists found that the hormone oxytocin was released into the blood stream when you hold a friend close. This lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety and can even improve your memory. However, you have to be selective over who you hug.”  Do I really need a hug right now?


 Lastly, to share a little present for everyone, if you’re up to Indie music and newbie artists, check this link, and please please share a little tip, to give the artists a little motivation and fund thanks! Actually its not all about music, thus it also have books so check it out!

So guys that’s it! Share your stories with me! Pray for my first day fellas — BTW just a little update The1975 is here in manila right now too early for the show, anyway I won’t be able to see them today or anytime soon 😭 (11:02 am 08-16-16)


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  1. punjetry says:

    Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club! ❤

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  2. Everyone could use a hug at any moment. You’ve got a lot going on for you and you can expect for more and better things to come. Ah I miss EK. The child in me will always want to ride that Space Shuttle. Three times. Consecutively. 🙂

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