Thirteen: Portraits



Looking through your portraits



I remember the day when I first heard you sing

Reaching those high notes and playing with extraordinary notes that you can beat

Living your life to the fullest and trying so hard to prove to everyone that you existed

I was at the corner of my bedroom mimicking the loud silence of midnight

Trying to defy the time difference between us

I was never your friend

But in my reality you were my friend

I saw different portraits of you

Every portrait of you

Every girl was shouting at the top of their lungs for you to notice them

But I’m not like them

I wanted to see you so bad, but I settled on believing in that right time

The right time when our paths will cross unintentionally

When I don’t bother looking at you through the screen

When I can tell you all my weird stories and pet peeves

And when you can share your untold stories to me

As you said

I’m just your friend, but you’re much more to me.

I am never your friend, but still you’re much more to me

It’s weird that I’m still dreaming about this silly scenario in my head

But I will never give up

When I am on the border, you’re not even close to me.

There’s a ton of ways that I can probably do just to see you personally

But I’m letting fate handle all of it

I will never give up

Yes,  I’m still looking to your portraits on the screen

Painting different scenes inside my head

Building castle of possibilities within my senses

But one day

I promise you dear, one day

I’m gonna see you, not just your portrait, but the real you

Face to face

One day


Happy Birthday Michael! – 08-16-16





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