The girl who thinks too much than usual


We like to look at situations in as many different ways as we can. So before we make a decision, we’re going to consider how it will impact you. We wouldn’t want to harm the person we love the most.”

15 Reasons To Date The Girl Who Thinks Too Much — Thought Catalog


Date someone like who? the girl who thinks too much? Oh well, I agree with that! Sometimes thinking too much makes a woman more understanding and somewhat compassionate! So, I picked few lines from the article of thought catalog, because there’s  a similarity of how i tend to think more than the average rate of a single woman thinks in a day? I suppose? So let’s start!


We’ll buy you the best birthday gifts you’ve ever gotten.


Yes! because we have our own board in Pinterest with a bunch of gift ideas for you, your mom and dad, your sisters and for everyone around us! We know how to make a simple D.I.Y gift and turn it into something that you’ll never imagine it would be. Just because we think too much doesn’t mean we can’t properly decide what is the proper gift for you because there’s a thousand ideas in our head. We can distinguish what exactly your type or your own style (Because people who thinks too much tends to be a little more observant than usual)


If we say something, we mean it, because we’ve had the argument with you twenty times in our head before it became a reality.


We created the whole scenario in our heads before we started the conversation. What exactly the words that our fast mouth would say, what would be the proper statement that you won’t get offended instantly and what would be the proper response to every word you’ll say when the conversation heats up. We are guilty of becoming a little anxious because of the countless times we tend to repeat the same situation before it happens. But please don’t blame us, this is how we deal with the situation. A little bizzare, isn’t it?


We always know when something’s wrong.


True! We can tell if you’re a little upset and annoyed because of our nuances, reactions and even the smallest things that we weren’t aware that we did. We can see it through your actions and words. I assure you that we can easily say I’m sorry because we are freaking guilty faster than the lightning.

We’re prepared for any and every situation.


As Girl Scout of the Philippines (It is a guiding scout association for young girls in our country 🙂 ) says Be Prepared! (Laging Handa!) We are always ready! If it rains, we have umbrella in our bags. If you feel a little bit sick and dizzy, we got your back! we have our own medicine kit inside our bag. As we say, We’re never been ready for this! Ha-ha-ha

Not to brag, but we come up with the most spectacular date ideas.


Again, we have a different way of playing with our imaginations, crazy indeed. We are guilty of having a fantasy of a perfect date, we researched and saved different plans for our weekly dates. We do have great surprises for  you. A bundle of new adventures and splendid memories for keeps, we’ll try to impress you as much as we can!

We’ll help you out of jams.


We can easily think of a way on how can you solve a problem, whether it’s your laptop fussing around  and you have  a proposal to make (we know how to do a few tricks to make it usable again! Thanks YouTube), when you’re stuck into undeniable errand, we are willing to help! Just ask us, and we will always be there for you.


We think way too much, which means guilt weighs heavily on our conscience whenever we do something bad.


We have an active conscience. That’s it! We’ll confess before you know it, I’m freaking sure of that!  “Honesty and loyalty are key. If two people can be honest with each other about everything, that’s probably the biggest key to success.” -Taylor Lautner


We never forget important events.


Your birthday, your parent’s birthday, even your dog’s birthday! (Of course we’ll also never forget our loved ones birthday, The focus is not just for you ha-ha -ha) Anniversaries and every event that is memorable we exactly know what date it was!


We actually care about your opinion.


We listen, we observe and we like you to open up  about your own disposition and opinions and all the things inside your mind. One of the important factors to us is your judgement, we are not self-centered, we care about you as much as you think we are and we’re here to listen to your rants and how your day went whether its good or bad. We love listening to your stories!


We’re pros when it comes to making plans for the future.


While I was selecting on what would be the significant lines for today’s blog, I saw this one. I laughed and I realized that, oh yes, This was me! I have a wedding board on Pinterest (Please don’t judge fellas!) We’ve got you covered up. We have the theme, cakes, venue and everything. You just need to be there lol. But of course we’ll never ignore your ideas for our special day! We just planned it a little too early ha-ha-ha


If we’re dating you, you know we’re serious about you. After all, there are so many fears that fly through our heads on a daily basis.


That’s it! We’re dead serious dude! We’re not playing games here, we spent our lives thinking about different scenarios until you came, We’re afraid of the future, but we want to conquer it with someone who’s freaking serious about us! If you’re thinking of playing around, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Nevertheless, if you’re serious about us… Let’s do it together! and make more memories, good memories certainly.


Hello folks! I’ve been waiting to do this and finally I did! What do you think? Are you with me? Are you also thinking too much? Share it with me!

Thanks Holly Riordan for inspiring me to do this!


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