Nine: A Piece of Advice

A Piece of Advice

I got something here

Probably most of you will think that I really don’t have the right to justify an advice because I haven’t aged a lot and I haven’t had experience great troubles and challenges, but I wanted you to know that every person has their own interpretation of useful advice whether it maybe a little facile to achieve but the importance is that other people can learn from it

Appreciate your company

It may sound a little overrated, but indeed this statement was very helpful. You should appreciate the people around you. Your family, friends, colleagues and your special someone in case you have. Life’s too short to make enemies and squabbling about petty things. Trust me, you won’t like to be alone at hard times even how much independence and self-assurance you have, sometimes you will get this feeling of being alone and isolated. Similar with those people who label themselves of being an introvert (I am one of them to be honest) there are times where you suddenly long for someone to talk to, because you got tired of having your laptop and book-character-based-friends as your own company. Bond with them as long as you can, Say I love you even if it takes a lot of guts and sweat! Just say it! Send them gifts, Don’t forget their birthdays, and Lastly, do not take them for granted because you don’t know what can happen tomorrow, at least you tried your best to make them feel appreciated

Do not overthink things

Over thinking can kill sometimes, not literally, but it can kill your own positivity in life, the way you look into the future and it even destroys relationships with other people. Overthinking makes you a coward, miserable and worried person. I’m not saying that thorough analyzation and thinking is bad, you should know the difference between being realistic and being pessimistic. Being pessimistic and overthinking isn’t that bad, but you must also exercise doing things that will give you another meaning of life. Something you can contemplate, but in a good way and something to cherish, after completing it without thinking too much. You will feel more alive than ever and you can easily achieve the things wanted to have, without having so much trouble. It’s better to limit yourself from overthinking and even challenge yourself to be more positive than doing your usual routine of overthinking at home and drowning yourself of what if’s and I can’ts

Do not settle for less

Why would you settle for less if you can have so much more? If someone treats you like you’re hard to love, leave them. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing at work and you know you can do better on a different path, choose to leave and find something you love and make sure you will excel from it! If you are taking up a course in college and your parents, wants you to take a course that you know you weren’t interested at all, confess to them, tell them you don’t want it and show them your choice and prove them that you can do better if you love what you are doing. Guys again life’s too short to settle for less. You only live once, why would you waste it feeling regretful and feeling unworthy! Pull that ass off!

Set real goals

Real goals? A plan which makes you better person and lead you to a better future. For those people who have this #Goals with branded shoes, make-ups, gadgets and etc. I’m not judging them, but this time you should think clearly about what you want to achieve in the future not just the worldly things in life. You can have all of that If you are settled and you’re stable with regards to your emotional, financial, social and even spiritual well-being. You can travel as long as like and you can buy all the things that you want, but you should keep in mind the things you need and the things that the world wants you to have. Think about the difference between needs and wants and it will lead you to better life indeed.

 Love yourself

Love yourself or no one else will. You can’t give your 100 percent to other people if you can’t love yourself first. You have flaws, you weren’t perfect, you made mistakes in the pasts, you have an attitude, sometimes you’re insecure of other people and sometimes people takes you for granted. But one thing is right, you should accept the fact that each and every person alive in this world has its own flaws and insecurities, mistakes and broken pieces, attitudes and misbehaviors but the thing is that you must figure out your own idea of being whole and complete, you weren’t born to be just anybody, you were born to stand out amongst the crowd. Be true to yourself, don’t try to fit in just to belong. Seize your own world. Loving yourself isn’t being selfish, but accepting the fact that you aren’t perfect and you know yourself so much more than others. Stay true to yourself and all good things will come to you!



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  1. Jamie says:

    So much great advice in one post! I agree with all of your message. I think the last one is hardest for me. I have a tendency to hold myself to an unattainable standard and then am hard on myself when I don’t meet that standard.

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