How could an only child answer the question on, how often do they feel alone and misunderstood?

People may not know but feeling alone and isolated is one of the sincerest sentiments and bitter affection of being an only child

Regardless of the fact that you have a complete family by your side. Your mother, your father and yourself

You’ve been trained to eat alone for breakfast, lunch and dinner because they’re working their ass off to sustain the family

You’ve been trained to understand, figure out and deal with your own problems alone because they always say its maturity

You’ve been trained to comprehend the fact that your loving family members are busy doing their own errands and doesn’t have enough time to check you for any updates

You mastered how to cook your own meal and clean the dishes so it won’t stink before they come home after a long day

You mastered how to google and research about possible life hacks of living alone because there’s no one home to teach you how to do this and that

You learned how to pep talk and burst out all your feelings in front of the mirror just like what your sims always do

You are tired of people judging you because you hated socializing and you don’t bother starting a conversation because you have this only-child-perspective

You have a higher sense of privacy, you lived half of your life all alone in your own sacred jungle

You hate disappointments especially when you realize that you’re the only offspring and they must be proud of you and your exemplary achievements in life

You are commonly misunderstood when you love being alone

You are always misunderstood if you can’t share a personal secret to a friend because you grew up keeping it to yourself

You are tired of being misunderstood of loving the sense of stillness and hating the hustle and bustle of reality

But one thing’s great at being an only child

You know yourself more than others

You know how to appreciate the importance of time and presence

You know how to love things even better because you know how lonely

 it is to be isolated

And you even appreciate yourself from time to time not being narcissistic, but inspiring others that you should understand and love yourself before you give your 100% to others

Again, how could an only child answer the question on how often do they feel alone and misunderstood?

I say, most of the time, but the real life lesson to this is that you’ve built and geared yourself with confidence and intrapersonal skills that you will forever be grateful and grasping the true essence of what life and reality gives you every day


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  1. I can really relate on this. Thanks for writing this Niks. Haha

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