Life recently…

So, classes will begin on august and I still have a lot of days to chill out and ready myself for life threatening battle again when reality kicks few weeks from now. So what am I up to lately?

Typical college summer routines, Sims 4 – Books – Sleep – Eat – Sleep Again (endless cycle everyone) to tell you honestly, I’m a typical lone wolf and home buddy that’s why I think my summer was productive based on my interests and preferred activities. So here I’m gonna start a new chapter to this blog!

So basically this chapter must contain all the recent facts and updates in my life today or even the events from the past few weeks , as long as I can recall the details lol. So the four W’s will explain my adventures and my dramas in life anyway let’s start. First post I’m excited.



So, I updated my blog with a post about Greyson, yes, I wasn’t able to come and I’m still not over it. That was last June 24-26, and here we go again the #IntheMix Concert is coming and I still haven’t decided whether to buy a ticket or attend my class because August 18 will be the first week of my classes and I’m really torn between going to the concert or skipping class (My heart wants it but my schedule isn’t helping!) August 15 will be the start of the first semester and I still have this anxiety because the students will be shuffled and the groups we have made since first year will be separated. I think that would be a great disadvantage (I’m not going to discuss it, but I think it’s not gonna work) July 23 my uncle’s birthday and I still haven’t decided what to wear. James Bond is the theme and for the girls the dress code stated at the invites was to wear an inspired bond girl outfit. Still got no idea folks, give me some please!


Yuh, I started a new blog routine, reading a new book whilst currently reading another book, and I just finished a book last night. Interesting, isn’t it? Probably not, but guys I’m telling you reading books are better than talking to people who doesn’t have any sense and even the slightest sarcasm that chandler gave to humanity. Again, I started reading a new book “Venetian Dreaming – Finding a Foothold in an Enchanted City ” by Paula Weideger about 400 pages I reckon, and beside that, I’m currently reading the Goblet Fire of The Harry Potter Series, kill me! 700 pages or even more so, I have seen the movie twice, but I’m still overly excited by reading the book thoroughly! Anyway, I will try my best to make a Harry Potter review (Very Hopeful J) and lastly, I just finished a book titled “Fleur De Leigh Life of a Crime” by Diane Leslie it is quite journey indeed, but the rating of the book was 3.25/5 well rated I guess, it wasn’t that interesting most especially when you’re up to very fiction and storytelling books, I think this book was more of a childhood autobiography and to be honest I enjoyed it because the main character has this attitude that was very similar to mine that’s why for me it’s certainly relatable.  Just to count off, I just finished 15 books for this summer break, I started last June 16 and I still have one month to read before the first semester begins again


Follow me on good reads I updated my profile today

Also I’m working out with my 3d rendering skills, so just to share my first try here it is

Sketchup + Vray + PhotoshopCS6


I know this wasn’t quite good, but I think this wasn’t bad for a first try?


I haven’t traveled a lot this summer break because I’m really into reading books and playing Sims 4 at home, but I would like to share you my feeling Independent adventure with my college friends in Manila. I’ve been to Manila countless times, but my parents or relatives are always with me and I’ve never traveled with any of my friends to the Capital City of the Philippines. So the agenda was to attend the Anthology: Stories about Architecture in Plaza de Roma in Intramuros (The Walled City in Manila) So for the first day me and my friend went to Intramuros all by ourselves! Honestly, we are very happy about that, we felt that we are grown-ups and we can go wherever we want to. So yeah, we went there via Bus and it was a long walk! My legs are all worn out at the end of the day, We saw beautiful old structures, the Manila Cathedral, The San Agustin Church and several significant structures located inside the Walled City.

We attended a talk about sketching and we decided to join a friendly competition, but when we saw the submission of the other competitors, we accepted our defeat and cowardly decided not to pass our artworks ha-ha-ha Anyways, we bought a shirt for souvenir and took several pictures at the venue. It was a great first day I reckon. So the next day, we went at the event again, but my other friends decided to join and we attended one seminar about 3d rendering, after that the-supposed-to-be-architectural-agenda it ended so fast that we decide to take a major leap in traveling from Intramuros to National Museum of the Philippines all by our feet, we didn’t took any mode of public transportation and after 30 minutes of exhausting journey we reached the NMP and we took pictures and rest for several minutes and decide to visit the other building and did the same thing.

By 4pm we decided to walk and go to Luneta park or Rizal park because the Bus stop is located there. Again, minutes of walking and we reached our destination, we took pictures and felt overwhelmed because we actually went to different places without spending too much on transportation. So by 5pm we decide to go home and we head back to Taft and waited for a bus going to Cavite. It was a blast! I still recall the beauty and grandeur of old buildings in manila. It will take ages for this same experience to happen again!


The Somebody Else video was released early in the morning today! 8:31 minutes fellas! I was really impressed on how they came up with the idea of matty fuck himself and turning it into an interesting music video ever. You can tell that the people behind their success and even their future was really doing a great job! The video was narrative and visualizes metaphor of the true meaning of the band’s song. A lot of people were asking about the other band members because they think it’s quite unfair that Matty was the only member seen in the music video, but for me, it’s obvious that the song was Matty’s story and people should understand most especially the fans, they shouldn’t complain about not seeing Adam, Ross and George on the music video I reckon that it was barely a mutual decision. Let’s just appreciate the beauty of the video itself

Here’s the video guys, check it out.


Also, I browsed for good EPs on Spotify and YouTube, and guess what! I found gems! High Dive Heart, Valley Shine, Coral Bones, The Bird and the bees, Tristen Beer and more. It’s making me high whenever I listen to good songs and sensible lyrics. Check out my Spotify playlist

Sometimes you just wanna listen to good music and day dream. I guess it’s the best cure to self-anxiety and overthinking. Let your mind be relaxed and calmed. Few things I do to make proper decisions over everything, and also it brings the optimistic side of you!

So that’s it! My life recently what’s yours?



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  1. punjetry says:

    Tip for the James Bond themed party, try to dress as James Bond but wear a skirt 😉

    I’ll spot the artists you just mentioned, will try to listen on Spotify later.

    I remember years ago, while waiting for my graduation, all I did everyday was to play Sims. Hahaha yes, I’m an addict! I don’t care about the world, sometimes I even forget to eat lunch.

    Haven’t been in Intramuros. It’s my dream to visit. 🙂


    1. nikkylosa says:

      Hi! I’ve been thinking about wearing something like that lol. I agree! Sims is way too addictive! You should visit Intramuros, you will feel nostalgic and you can easily appreciate the beauty behind its old age. Thanks for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m still playing Sims 3 now. :p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nikkylosa says:

      Sims 4, i think its a lot better. Try it!


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