Seven: Opening Line

Opening Line

My Blogging Story

Let me tell you my blogging journey. I know this isn’t quite an interesting topic but I reckon it’s the best inspiration for this weekly discover challenge.

I started blogging last 2014, I believe it was all about love, I can’t blame myself about so much drama because that was a tough phase in my life. I’ve written several poems, prose and even shared my story and my failure during that era. I shared mostly what I experienced and it became my instant output about the horrible happenings in my life during that time. My first blog was with Blogger, that’s because I think WP is so much complicated during that time and blogger is commonly what I always hear and see. Anyway, that blog was very dramatic if only you knew how every lines and photos became so depressing and how my life became so poignant and gloomy that time.

I’ve written quite a lot I think 20 poems, 3 articles, 4 prose and 2 photography challenge. I decided to start trying WP on the first quarter of 2015. First time is very crucial. It wasn’t like blogger; I can see different posts about this tag or categories unlike in blogger, you’ll have to find it yourself. (I’m not saying that blogger wasn’t great, it was a great experience, though my blog was all about sorrow ha-ha) But my first time in WP was ecstatic. I posted my first piece for my suppose-to-be open mic poetry entry and I ponder few people have read that.  After that I tried to be consistent in posting several stories and poems. I believe that blogging is a great output in sharing your wildest thoughts, your deepest secret into metaphors, words that you cannot vocally reveal to humanity and of course all the inspiring stories you wanted to share with others.

Writing is my guilty pleasure, I cannot live without writing. Given the fact that I wasn’t that consistent in posting here in WP but I allow myself to write every day, whether on a scratch paper, a restaurant receipt, tissue and anywhere you can possibly think of. I love writing and I think people like me with an old soul can relate to this obsession. Again, my first time in blogging started with sorrow, but not until today I realize that blogging is such a way where you opt to discern that life’s better every day.

Write your heart out everyone cheers!

Hi guys! I deleted my old blogger account as well as my blog and all the writings I have there. I just wanted to start something new and there it is, try exploring my WP blog 🙂 Thanks in advance! Anyway, tell me your stories everyone!



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  1. “Blogging is such a way where you opt to discern that life’s better every day.”

    Whoo! 🙂 Lahat naman siguro tayo dumadaan sa “emo” phase. Godbless to your blog!

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