I missed the CHANCE

“Greyson Chance in Manila 2016”


So I’m feeling obnoxious right now because I wasn’t able to come to Greyson’s mall tour. I’ll be honest with you guys, I never thought that I would go head over heels about him. I have this friend who’s very fond of him (FYI he’s a guy. Straight guy to be clear) I remember he made us watch Greyson’s new song “afterlife”. At first I thought, is that really Greyson? The voice has changed; His face has changed but one thing’s clear his aura never changed, He’s still the amazing kid who can easily reach the highest notes and he still has his charm in playing piano. I was checking his Youtube account and I saw a couple of new songs. Guys, you better check them out because the lyrics were great I swear. He may be good acoustically but his new songs were stunning. Going over his past Ellen’s guesting and his videos while singing paparazzi I realized that he’s really good vocally and even his attitude towards his dreams, also the way he treated all the people who helped him and stayed by his side no matter what. Clap Clap Clap. Also I remember I used to sing his song “unfriend” almost every day ha-ha. Enough said. I’m just very pleased and feeling ecstatic about his success today, apparently I wasn’t able to see him in Manila but I’m very positive that the next time he’ll be here in Manila we’ll be there supporting and clapping for him. Again, check out his new EP you won’t regret listening and supporting his music. This is a true talent not to overrate anything but I can say it’s worth listening folks!


Here’s the link where you can purchase his EP and even his other works in Itunes


And here’s Greyson’s Youtube Account


But I bet several music stalls are now selling his CD so grab your copy guys!




I know some of you are wondering why I decided to have this Greyson Chance review. I dreamt of him last night and it was incredible.  That’s why I’m very inspired of doing this thing! I hope I can finally meet him someday.



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