Three: Adventure


Reality versus My Future Escapade

It’s been quite a journey since I started opening a new chapter in my life

A chapter that is clearly not what I dreamed and long for

A step wherein my body and mind isn’t ready for a battle

My conscious mind that is beyond out of control

I do have the choice

I have a choice to continue and fight for what I started

But I also have a choice to quit and accept that weakness defeated me

I choose to stay

I decided to believe and have faith, even though I know for a fact that this isn’t the journey I wanted to take

I was out of my mind

I was consciously unconscious

I was anxiously fearless

And I was out of my league

Evidently afraid of what result this decision may be

Again, as always, I was scared of taking risks, but this one was different

I stayed

I stand by my decision

I endure this blurry journey that I’m very frightened of

After all, I remember how humanity says

Take Risks and Do not be afraid

Until I realized that fate brought me here

God wanted me to do this

Suddenly I understand myself

I’m just a lady who’s petrified about her future

Scared of waking up into reality that life isn’t going to be easy

Terrified about the obstacles and challenges of my existence

But I must be strong

Because this world is beyond my control


Hi guys! Week 3 of my Discover Challenge post i’m very glad that i’ve been so consistent however, i haven’t finish my upcoming post but i started to have this 30 day Challenge from Berlin Art Parasites. I’ll be posting it soon. Anways have great weekend everyone! (just to share a few facts, this post was inspired by anxiety about my degree, I’m still studying and hopeful to graduate in two years. Five year course is utterly tough and challenging!)








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