One: Apology


“I am truly sorry -self”

I am sorry if sometimes you can’t count on me

Sorry for all the disappointments and heartbreaks that i caused you

Sorry for being so stubborn and obnoxious most of the time

I am so sorry that i loved how to be alone and to feel the loneliness in my soul

How i can’t shed a tear on my own regrets but i can easily cry just because of a lame yet inspiring videos of homeless people

I am so sorry for uplifting everyone’s feelings when i can’t even realize what joyful means in my life

I am sorry if i can easily lie to people and give them another furious story but you always keep on telling me not to that i am really sorry

The way i can’t keep secrets and shut my fucking mouth just to keep the situation calm

I am sorry for always disappointing you

But you know what,

After all these countless sorry that I’ve said to you

You are always there to get me back on my feet again and i am very thankful for that

You showed me the true essence of life is contentment

You showed me that most of the people need is someone who’s trustworthy and can always be there for them

You taught me that crying doesn’t mean  you are  weak and soft-hearted but shows that you are a real person and you have your own difficulties

You taught me that being alone is not always about sadness but also about self reflections which can help you to prosper in life

You let me learn how to smile and be grateful about the things i have everyday

And lastly you always forgive me even though i caused too much pain and sadness in you


Forever here, Yourself

I’ve been waiting for this topic for almost a month now, i am asking myself how can i start? how can i execute words that can express my feelings and this discover challenge hit me big time and i am really delighted by that!


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  1. This is beautiful, at ikaw din. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nikkylosa says:

      Thank you dear!


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