My kind of easter sunday

Hello there again man in white long sleeves and black pants
You look so good today; I saw you
I wasn’t expecting to see you, that’s true
But to be honest I’m looking for you and hoping to see you from a large crowd of people in white
Its 5 am of the much awaited Easter Sunday
My leg hurts, seats weren’t available
The crowd goes wild and sang hosanna in the highest
All of the people behind and in front of me and even by my side was dancing and chanting
Then I saw my father and mother dancing too
I think that’s hilarious
Well, I appreciate their effort to participate
5:30 am finally, I was able to find a seat for myself (my mom and my dad had their own seat see how rude)
Then, I saw you again
Dressed in your Sunday attire
Your hair looks good and you look so happy and energized
Probably because you will not sing for today’s gospel
It was supposed to be my only you(LORD)-and-me time ever since the holy week started
but the situation turns to be a so-called-sight-seeing-of-this-significant-man
I feel so guilty
But I prayed, prayed and prayed again
The end of the moment was pretty near
I decided to bid goodbye to his presence
And finally I wasn’t able to see him again
So I left with a smile, and guilt inside my heart
I should probably learn how to multitask
Shitty me.
And to cut this long journal? Prose? Whatever-this-words-maybe-called
I wanted to tell you all
I got his name
Jaycee? JC? J-C? actually that’s all I got


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  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    Your journals are fascinating to read only because you have a gift in this art of writing, you capture my read attention right from the first line to the last and whilst reading i tend to feel like i am in that moment with you. You truly have a talent that runs deep! – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nikkylosa says:

      Sorry for the late response. I’m so glad that you appreciated my writings! God bless!

      Liked by 1 person

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