Hello to you, man who wears white (and pink apparently)

Let me be straight forward with you

(honestly, when I see you my knee shakes that I wanted to disappear and pretend that I am not talking to you)

Who are you?

(Ignoring the fact that I have this power to stalk and to search you on the internet, why does my mind keeps telling me not to do that!)

Why are you so mysterious?

(Why are you so attractive that every time I look at you I just melt from my seat)

I’ve got thousands of questions in my head

(who the hell are you? What is your name? where do you live? Do you know me?)

To be honest with you, my thoughts are about to shatter and I clearly do not know why

(whenever you’re on my mind I cannot think of anything else)

Luckily, there was an awkward encounter between us besides from our Sunday morning greetings

(I always appreciate the way you say good morning to me regardless of the fact that you greet everyone I just love it (who the hell cares!))

It was tuesday, five in the afternoon we accidentally see each other in the street

(I was about to go home because I was very uncomfortable and nervous by your presence)

You look at me I saw it you’re wearing cute pink shirt, I smiled I remember

(oh shit, this would be a disaster I thought, so I easily ride the jeepney and expected that the uncomfortable encounter ends there)

I am fucking clumsy and chunky, yes I am

(because of the tension and chills I felt, my bag dangled in the railings of the jeepney that I have no strength to pull it off and promptly you appeared!)

Thank you very much, I appreciated your genuine action towards the situation

(you’re my savior! And I wasn’t expecting that, I don’t know how to thank you but rather I just whispered thank you (because if he doesn’t save me from that I probably stumbled inside the jeepney because the driver was in a rush))


I cannot move, I cannot see anything, introducing the stiff me

(you were sitting beside me! My mind’s hysterical and paranoid. How can you do that to me!)


I felt like you wanted to talk to me, because we are somewhat acquaintances but i was constantly distorted

(my mind just exploded that I don’t want to talk to you because of the embarrassment I did)


One hundred meters until your destination, we were separated

(someone just broke the ice between us by sitting in the free space between us)


I look at you before you got off the jeepney, I wanted to say few words to you

(I felt so guilty after being insensitive and numb by your actions. I am so sorry)


Thank you and see you on Sunday, those are the words I wanted to tell you

(except from, introducing myself to you I also wanted to know your name!)


But it’s too late

(I really hate what I did if I can go back to that time I would do different thing)


Today was Sunday, I woke up early

(after contemplating for a week, I was excited to meet you again)


Unfortunately, you didn’t bother to say good morning

(crestfallen, I decided to focus on the positive side)

The story of us might end here


Not knowing any single information of you


Your name


Your social media account


Your status, what if you’re married or commited

(emphatically speaking, this is possible)


I know that it is impossible for you to read this, I assume


But If you’ll be able to read this


Just smile at me and say


“Am I that electrifying?


Coz your love’s got me electrified
It’s enough to keep me by your side
It doesn’t matter where you are
By my side or way too far
‘Coz your love… Got me electrified


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