I’m okay without you, I hope it’s okay with you

I wanted to say this words to you,

In front of your face

Straight to your eyes
That I
Do not need you anymore

I probably do not love you anymore
I’m all done with you

To the whole you..
I’m not mad

Its not hatred

I just don’t like you anymore
I positively look into my future

And haven’t seen you involved in it
So basically you’re no longer a part of it.
I’m so sorry


I’m really really done with you
Have a beautiful life and God bless you

You’re so conceited

If I said “I love you”

What does it matter if I lie to you?

I don’t regret it but I’m glad that we’re through

So don’t you tell me that you ‘just don’t get it’

Cause I know you do.
– the sound by the1975

What if someone from the past disturbs you and he probably wanted to ruin your life for the second time? What would you do?



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