Hey future husband do you know me?


How are you?

You may be in the middle of sleep tonight
You may be writing blogs about your failed relationships
You may be with someone else inside a restaurant
You may be searching for me in the wrong place and at the wrong time

Have we met before?

Have we bumped in at the middle of a large crowd?
Have we accidentally ridden the same bus last week?
Or are we in the same school, same subject and even in the same exact classroom yesterday.

We never know

Are you also alone and praying to God that hopefully soon we’ll be able to meet, find out our similarities and even our differences from each other , be able to make good memories together and be able to grow old together

We cannot tell when is the right time
But if the right time happens surely I wouldn’t give a single doubt choosing you over everything
Because you are my answered prayer and wish to God,

Eventually we’ll cross each others path and I hope that I would recognize you when your heart beats next to mine

Patiently praying, your future hard headed but sensitive wife.


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