Scattered Thoughts

Three fifty nine in the afternoon when this strange beat started reminding me about the good times

Strange beat that keeps me so high, Oh boy! i can’t resist


Thrilled by these overwhelming memories that running through my colorful mind that makes me feel anxious like hearing chimes!

Under the stairs thinking what should I feel, asking myself what am I doing here

Bugging myself by these random thoughts that keeps me stuck into this prison of bursting ideas for the future and collapsing commemoration of my past!

Wondering why my mind keeps talking like she haven’t talked for several years! why my soul wants to scream out FREE ME !

I wasn’t inside a jail, my mind wasn’t a prison, my soul wasn’t a killer but my thoughts was the criminal!

No way to escape, getting heat up, burning like hell, throwing sentences that i wasn’t able to constructively put together

What’s wrong with me?

I cannot understand even my own thoughts.

My mind was scattered

Dreaming one day i’ll be able to patch and match things that’s whirling around me ; fill in the blanks all these haphazard theory of mine

Soon to find out my soul’s perfect abode, with perfect warmth and perfect touch

Maybe soon

But for now, we’ll never know.








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