Unforgettable events so far!

Naks! May bago akong Blogpost! its been a while dahil sa sobrang kabusyhan at student obligations na kailangan iaccomplish but at least i’ve spent my long weekends productive and memorable! let me share it with you !


Last November 29 2015 is my 19th birthday so I decided to make it simple, i wanted to eat something fancy and something delicious… I decided to do my itinerary for the 29th and 30th. So I ended up doing these things

 29th is sunday so they prepared a little party for me so i got excited.. After the little handaan that they prepared, me and my friend decided to go to St. Michael Church to attend the mass and go directly to All Home Imus for some BAGA MANILA ADVENTURES

So here it goes!

Something new nga naman so ito na nga, we decide to order bacon cheese burger at Soldiers Grill Stall and for drinks we tried shakes at Shakespeer and John Lemon. Also we bought platter of bacon cheese fries!!

The area and seats are limited but if you really seize the moment with your friend you won’t mind it!

Again the seats are limited so poor us, we ended up seating at the concrete curb! but it was really fun until kumalam na yung tyan namin dahil sa tagal ng order namin jusko! walang bacon! we’re really starving so I decided to take cheeseburger instead of having bacon inside it! Nakabayad na kami so they decided to give me back the refund but, I didn’t get it kasi masarap naman kaya okay lang 🙂 So we talked all night and went home at 9pm maaga pa din naman…

Some pictures of our BAGA MANILA ADENTURES @ All Home Imus


So for the 30th! i decided to go AYALA ADVENTURES the dancing lights particularly.. So the adventure started at Glorietta looking for clothes and shoes and ended up at greenbelt looking for good restaurants BUT THE THEY WANTED TO SEE THE DANCING LIGHTS SO BAD SO WE DECIDED TO SPEND MOST OF OUR TIME AT THE AYALA TRIANGLE! The restaurants were jam-packed! and we have no choice to eat at Chef Lau’s resto instead of Kanin Club, i was disappointed. Over all the ayala adventure was great because i was able to took great pictures and videos! CHECK THIS OUT

So my birthday adventure ended up great and memorable! SOMETHING TO TREASURE i wish i have the time to elaborate things and details further but i have a limited time to blog because of MY STUDENT OBLIGATIONS so far so good uhm OKAY BYE FOR NOW!

for my second update i’ll be sharing with you our ARCHITECTURE NIGHT @ DLSUDASMA 🙂


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