20 Facts about me!

  1. I love newspaper, tabloids particularly because it entertains me
  2. I wanted to be a chef when i was a kid
  3. I love black and white
  4. I’m addicted to indie alternative music
  5. I love laksa, ramen and curly spaghetti
  6. Clothes are my guilty pleasure
  7. I like icing. Totally, i can eat all the icing but not the cake itself
  8. I easily get annoyed by loud background music
  9. I can’t sleep without a radio on
  10. I prefer wearing t-shirts than fancy clothes
  11. I love reading books, but i hate
  12. I love eating alone especially inside a cafe and fast food restaurants
  13. I like window shopping
  14. I love the porkchop meal of wendy’s u gotta try that one
  15. I like writing poems, novel and prose
  16. I’m not a fan of roses, i prefer carnations and daises
  17. I like sour strips
  18. I’m a spicy person
  19. Punctuality is one of my positive traits
  20. Friends, New Girl, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes! My forever!


super out of the blue post but i wanted to share this several facts about me he he. You’ll never know, baka mamaya may similarities pala tayo! 🙂



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