Ms. Little Big Hearted Girl

Let’s start this with describing her with a little twist of creativity

Confusing four six or four eleven in height

Originated seven eleven nineteen ninety seven

Small but heavy little hands

Little curvy body formed to ignite

Hair that dances through the rhythm of flowing music with the light

Quite innocent mind that represents the foggy December night and Smokey little mouth like prickly summer time

Wild imagination in her wide range mind that contains various emotions and playful ideas

Locked into a steel vault hidden under her pants

This cute little girl that touches everyone’s heart

This awesome little lady that is unaware on how to say the word no

Her wide forehead that speaks her excellence and intelligence

Her personality that is abrupt and unique in its own kind

She’s been a sister from different parents

Other half in different dimension

My upside down and opposite buddy

Clearly she’s the best companion anyone can have

She’s worth it, in every way

That’s why in every person you’ll ask why her?

They’ll gonna say she’s one of a kind!

  • so this was posted on my other blog but i really like to share this again for the second time! this poem (i really don’t know what this is) was for my best-sister-friend
  • okay bye!

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