Sagittarius and Me






I don’t know why but sometimes you’ll be amazed by the fact that some photos like this can describe who you are and with exact horoscope you have!!!!

Number one ” the hahaha lol I know! ” that’s so me! My friends can explain so you better search for them.. hahaha

Number two ” bitch please” all my closest friends describe me as a bitch please person like what???  But honestly I am born with that attitude tho ( Walang makakapigil sakin) but!!! It depends whether you are my friend or just an annoying stranger

Number three “when shit goes wrong” “life goes on” that is exactly who I am! I don’t care if slipped in front of a huge crowd, I’ll just stand up and go on with my life! Who the hell are you to judge???? Hahahaha.  No, but honestly if you know that you can’t do anything with the situation you better move on rather than digging your on grave! Dude count 1 2 3! Sing do re mi! Lahat malalagpasan! Tiwala Lang!!

Last number four “sign as bad bitches” “looks like a bad bitch but softy” Okay! This is me. Everyone judges me that I am a bad bitch ever since because I can say what I want without hesitation and with fierce! But dude I’m crying too! I easily cry when it comes to drama series or heartfelt commercials! I have a heart for everyone except to those persons who really don’t know how to stop judging other people. I know how to show respect and compassion!

I’m just a kid. Okay I’m not a kid.

Teen.. I can smell the ty thing like twenty huhu. ( magbebente na ko jusko Lord!)

Okay bye. Nikky

Credits to the owner of the photo


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