My almost encounter with Open Mic Poetry

HI! Its been a long time since my first encounter with this website, i do have an account on blogger so i decide to import some of my piece here in my new blog just to share my thoughts and random ideas. This is my first piece for my open mic poetry, but unfortunately i wasn’t able to attend the event. but here it goes 🙂

Eight fifty seven in the evening listening to music that soothes my mind clears my soul and touches my heart.

Lyrics of this fucking songs that hit me hard directly to the core of this darn heart that has been beaten and broken into pieces by You.

Yes you,

you in the morning you in the evening

I remember the way you kissed me and caressed me and I was enjoying it like the way you lick your ice cream during the striking hot summer.

The way you consume your blanket during those cool nights and the way you lay your body to your mattress.

But all of the sudden it became a whirl wind

I recall the way you punch those words and throw knives at me that killed my soul and heart instantly

The words that sliced my heart into two and the poisonous lies that your fucking mouth shouted until I can’t hear anything

I was blinded

Blinded by your colorful and playful words

I believed

Believed that it was true, BUT IT WAS A FUCKING SINGLE LIE

Yes, I remember your kisses, your hand holding my waist, your eyes looking at me like I was the only girl in your life, the way you cuddle like a little child, the way you kiss my neck and tickles me inside and out!


But it was a mistake.

I wouldn’t regret it because I enjoyed it

I enjoyed it!


But its all done, gone and it was fun.

I’m not trying to bring any of the feelings back.

But the ways and turns of this fucking experience is a whole lot MEMORIES THAT CLEARLY PASTED AND STATED IN MY SLUM BOOK AND PHOTO ALBUM

Yes it has been a different way

But I’m not hoping to bring it back


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